Valtteri Bottas takes another dig at Toto Wolff and Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton remark

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Valterri Bottas was replaced by George Russell at Mercedes ahead of the 2022 season.

Mercedes: What’s gone wrong at the F1 and can they recover?

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Valtteri Bottas has taken aim at Mercedes boss Toto Wolff over their handling of setting up cars at the team. He said Lewis Hamilton also suffered as the Silver Arrows went with computer simulations over driver judgement.

The Finn admitted both drivers were often overruled in their set-up choices to make way for what data said was best. However, Bottas claims the computer was not right every single time and stressed it was a “battle” to get the car how he wanted it.

Bottas said: “It is just how a top team works. I feel like Lewis felt the same as well. He sometimes wanted to go in his direction, but the engineers would be like: ‘No, the computer says this’.

“So it was sometimes a bit of a battle but it is good to discuss those things and it’s just the way it is. They have pretty advanced technology and simulation tools that allow it and quite often the computer was right but not 100 per cent.”

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Valtteri Bottas takes another dig at Toto Wolff and Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton remark

Valtteri Bottas has hit back at Mercedes and Toto Wolff (Image: Getty)

In comparison, Bottas confirms he has much more input into how he wants to have the car since moving to Alfa Romeo. He added: “The simulation tools are developing well in Hinwil, but for now, it feels like there is more human and driver effect on steering things, which I personally enjoy a lot.”

The Finn starred in the opening stages of the season with six top-10 finishes from the first seven races. His best result of the season was P5 in challenging conditions at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix.

Bottas’ comments are the latest in a series of digs aimed at the German manufacturer.

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Valtteri Bottas takes another dig at Toto Wolff and Mercedes with Lewis Hamilton remark

Valtteri Bottas has claimed Hamilton alos struggled to change his set-up (Image: Getty)

Speaking to the Italian version of Bottas claimed there was “less pressure” at Alfa Romeo than Mercedes. He said the Swiss squad was more of a “racing team” than a “company” in another thinly-veiled swipe.

He has also revealed this season was one of his happiest in F1 after admitting he suffered a “dip” when partnered against Hamilton. He explained: “When I started F1, of course, everything was super exciting and you feel like you want to do this forever.

“Then for sure, in terms of the love for the sport, at some point, I had a bit of a dip. But now I feel like it’s definitely back. If you asked me today, how long would I want to drive? I’d say forever. I’m really, really enjoying it.”


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