Christian Horner reacts after man pays for his face to be put on F2 car

CHRISTIAN HORNER has reacted after a man stuck his own face on the side of an F2 car in a multi-million pound deal.

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Christian Horner was left stunned after he saw a video of a man’s face on the side of a Formula 2 car. Instagram user Carl Runefelt decided to stick an image of his face on the side of Formula 2 driver Ralph Boschung’s car.

The sponsorship included two faces of Runefelt with one on the bargeboards and one on the side of the cockpit. He later posted a video of Horner and David Coulthard reacting to the idea with both laughing at the crypto investor’s plan.

Runefelt said: “I put my face on the car.” A baffled Horner then replies: “Oh, you put your own face on the car? Now that is quite smooth.”

Coulthard added: “Yeah exactly, it’s a first.” Runefelt revealed that he had done the stunt to promote himself and admitted people had already recognised him from the sponsorship deal.

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Christian Horner reacts after man pays for his face to be put on F2 car

Christian Horner laughed when he saw the design (Image: Instagram / @themooncarl)

Horner replied that he “liked” the idea as he and Coulthard continued to giggle. Posting on his Instagram page @themooncarl, Runefelt admitted he had spent millions of pounds on the arrangement.

He said: “I’m the first person in history to put a face on a Formula car! I’m so happy with my multi-million dollar deal with @ralphboschung!!! We’re going to The Moon. #Formula2.

“Use the Law Of Attraction and keep an eye on Formula 2.” Boschung immediately responded to the message with a moon and fire emoticons.

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Christian Horner reacts after man pays for his face to be put on F2 car

The face has been stuck on Ralph Boschung’s F2 car (Image: Instagram / @themooncarl)

Runefelt has posted consistently since taking over the deal with a range of posts promoting his agreement. At the Dutch Grand Prix, he posted a series of images, alongside the caption: “The most beautiful F2 car on the grid.”

Runefelt also appeared to have a close relationship with Boschung as the two were spotted on a track walk at the Italian Grand Prix. At the Belgian Grand Prix, he also wrote: “This was an incredible comeback Ralph!! Podium in Belgium!

“The Moonmobile went to the moon.” The car also features a QR code on the nose cone which will allow fans to donate money for children with disabilities.

Ahead of the season, Runefelt explained: “I will utilise every race to not only spread the word about crypto, but also I’ll raise money for charity for different foundations that help children with disabilities! Bringing these two worlds together, I know I can help the world a little bit.”


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