F1 boss gives 2023 calendar hint ahead of Dutch Grand Prix

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F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali has dropped a major hint about next season’s new F1 calendar.

F1 boss gives 2023 calendar hint ahead of Dutch Grand Prix

F1 boss Stefano Domenicali has dropped a major calendar hint (Image: Sky Sports F1) SUBSCRIBE Invalid email

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Formula One boss Stefano Domenicali has hinted next season’s F1 calendar will not be above 24 races. Domenicali admitted there was a “queue of people” wanting to host races but stressed there was a limit to what they could do.

The former Ferrari team principal then confirmed the calendar was likely to not have more than 24 events, just one more than this year. He said: “I think [the calendar’s] looking good, it’s great because we have a queue of people that wants to promote Formula 1 around the world.

“Of course, there is a limit which we need to work together with our friends at the FIA. I think in that respect we have got to limit the calendar that is more or less on the air. So I don’t think we will be over 24.”

Sky Sports host David Croft then pushed on whether the calendar would definitely not be higher than 24 races, Domenicali added: “No. So you can tell your family to relax. Still half of the season they can be with you.”

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F1 boss gives 2023 calendar hint ahead of Dutch Grand Prix

F1 has confirmed the Belgian Grand Prix will return for 2023 (Image: Getty)

It comes just a week after F1 confirmed the Belgian Grand Prix would return to the calendar for 2023 after the partnership with Spa was extended. The race seemed under threat after F1 were embroiled in talks with a South African Grand Prix at Kyalami.

However, it is understood the talks may have broken down over a 2023 deal but a 2024 race could still be on the cards. The extra race on the calendar is the Las Vegas Grand Prix, set to be hosted in November.

But, four races on this year’s calendar still have no contract in place beyond the end of the year.

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F1 boss gives 2023 calendar hint ahead of Dutch Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is out of contract (Image: Getty)

These include Austria, France, Mexico and F1’s ‘jewel in the crown’ race in Monaco. Talks between the FIA and Automobile Club de Monaco (ACM) have faltered with disagreements preventing a deal from being signed.

Last month, former F1 champion Nico Rosberg revealed that Prince Albert was now personally involved in the negotiations in a bid to stop the race being axed. He explained: “Prince Albert personally intervened in the negotiations because the representatives of the automobile club continue to play very hard and firm.

“In such a case, an intermediary was clearly needed to help both parties—in this case, the Formula One bosses and the leadership of the club—come to a common denominator. Prince Albert is now taking an active part in the negotiations because the Monaco GP is so historic but also the most spectacular and glamorous race of the season.”


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