Fernando Alonso doubles down on Lewis Hamilton radio rant with Nico Rosberg remark

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FERNANDO ALONSO and Lewis Hamilton collided on the opening lap of the Belgian Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso doubles down on Lewis Hamilton radio rant with Nico Rosberg remark

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Fernando Alonso is happy that Lewis Hamilton took responsibility for their first lap collision at the Belgian Grand Prix after calling the Brit an “idiot” on team radio, but reminded fans that a similar incident happened with Nico Robserg years ago. Hamilton and Alonso were jostling for position after the first few corners of the race with the Brit moving to the outside heading into the chicane.

Hamilton tried squeezing Alonso into the corner, but made an error of judgement as he bounced off his rival’s car before being flung into the air. The damage to Hamilton’s car eventually forced him to retire later in the lap while Alonso was able to continue.

But Alonso was immediately on team radio launching an explosive rant about Hamilton’s decision to try and make a move on the outside. “What an idiot!” Alonso shouted on radio.

“Closing the door from the outside. I mean, we had a mega start but this guy only knows how to drive and start in first.”

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Fernando Alonso doubles down on Lewis Hamilton radio rant with Nico Rosberg remark

Fernando Alonso was not impressed by Lewis Hamilton (Image: GETTY)

Hamilton has since apologised to his team for the incident as well as taking full responsibility for colliding with Alonso. The two-time world champion has now spoken further on the crash with Hamilton, pointing out how his former team-mate is no stranger to collisions at the same corner.

“I was surprised and for sure, he now saw the incident and he takes responsibility, which is obviously very nice from him,” Alonso said to Sky. “It was a lap one incident, nothing really more to say there or the stewards.

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“They didn’t say anything because these things happen in that corner. It happened in the past, also, I remember with Nico Rosberg, the same thing. So it’s a tricky corner.”

Rosberg and Hamilton’s tumultuous relationship came to a head on several occasions during their time together at Mercedes. But it was Rosberg as the aggressor on this occasion eight years ago heading into the same corner Hamilton and Alonso collided.

Rosberg was chasing down Hamilton and lost a chunk of his front wing as he made contact with his team-mate’s rear tyre. Hamilton ended up with a puncture from the incident, forcing him to retire on lap 39 while Rosberg went on to finish second behind Daniel Ricciardo.


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