Martin Brundle blasts Daniel Ricciardo’s Max Verstappen decision after McLaren axe Aussie

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DANIEL RICCIARDO will not drive for McLaren next season after the team decided to axe the Australian.

Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo at 2022 McLaren launch

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Martin Brundle has claimed Daniel Ricciardo’s career has “played out badly” as he slammed his decision to leave Red Bull. Brundle said Ricciardo’s decision to switch Red Bull for Renault at the end of 2018 was the “wrong move for him”.

Brundle suggested Ricciardo has “lost his mojo” after several seasons of battling in the midfield. The Australian picked up seven wins at Red Bull but has secured just one victory since leaving and driving for Renault and McLaren.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1, Brundle said: “He shouldn’t have left Red Bull, that’s how it looks to me. The Renault move was the wrong move for him. He didn’t fancy staying around what he thought was Team Verstappen, which there was an element of truth in that.

“So it’s just played out badly all the way along, he has lost his mojo a little bit. When I see Daniel starting outside the top ten and running outside the top ten all afternoon, that’s not him. That’s not where he’s at, we know he’s better than that. I find that painful to watch, I can’t imagine how painful it has been for Daniel to be in that car falling backwards through the field so maybe it’s a blessed relief all around and he will come back and show his mettle.”

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Martin Brundle blasts Daniel Ricciardo's Max Verstappen decision after McLaren axe Aussie

Martin Brundle has blasted Daniel Ricciardo’s move (Image: Getty / Sky Sports F1)

Ahead of the 2022 season Ricciardo said he did not regret leaving Red Bull despite the team going on to compete and win the world championship. He explained: “I was there for five years, but I felt like I did reach a little bit of a point where I really felt like I personally needed something fresh.”

Ricciardo added: “I needed a bit of a change, and for sure there’s been some struggles through that change. But honestly, I don’t regret those changes I’ve been through, or the move I made at the time.”

Speaking after McLaren axed his contract, Ricciardo confirmed he did intend to stay in F1 if the right opportunity came along.

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Martin Brundle blasts Daniel Ricciardo's Max Verstappen decision after McLaren axe Aussie

Daniel Ricciardo won seven races with Red Bull (Image: Getty)

However, he admitted he would not remain in F1 purely to make up the numbers and that any new offer would have to give him a chance of winning races. He commented: “I want to be able to fight for podiums and wins. Going through everything I’ve gone through the last handful of years that’s what gives me the most happiness.

“One thing that’s remained unchanged for me is I’ve never wanted to be a driver just to be on the grid. Of course, I love this sport and I love everything that comes with it but especially now at this point in my career it’s just about winning. Getting that taste of champagne or sparkling wine.”


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