‘The penalty is high’ Lewis Hamilton picks out perilous aspect of Belgian Grand Prix

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LEWIS HAMILTON has won four races at the Belgian Grand Prix throughout his career.

'The penalty is high' Lewis Hamilton picks out perilous aspect of Belgian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton is a huge fan of the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa (Image: MERCEDES) SUBSCRIBE Invalid email

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Lewis Hamilton and every other F1 driver will have to use their full skillset this weekend at the treacherous Belgian Grand Prix with the Brit insisting any mistake will be severely punished. Spa is under threat of being scrapped from the F1 calendar next year with the iconic Belgian Grand Prix out of contract after this year’s race.

Only a handful of tracks have held more F1 races than Spa with Silverstone, Monaco and Monza all featuring on the sporting calendar more. All four have been a staple of the F1 calendar for decades with changes made to each one over time.

Spa has arguably had to make the most changes of all due to the dangerous nature of the track. Last year’s scheduled race in Spa ended up being one of the most notorious in the sport’s history with a deluge of rain flooding the circuit leading to just two laps being completed.

The track was deemed too dangerous to race on following scary incidents throughout the weekend, including a heavy crash for Lando Norris up Eau Rouge. Eau Rouge is regarded as one of the most infamous corners in motorsport and has claimed a number of fatalities over the years.

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'The penalty is high' Lewis Hamilton picks out perilous aspect of Belgian Grand Prix

Eau Rouge is one of the most challenging corners in motorsport (Image: GETTY)

Drivers are fully aware of the risks involved in the track and Hamilton, who’s won four races at Spa, is more aware than most. “Belgium is one of the circuits that you feel you’re really going somewhere,” Hamilton said.

“Very long corners – high-speed corners. It’s exhilarating going around that track. Eau Rouge is always exciting, it’s hair-raising.

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“The cost of getting it wrong through Eau Rouge, the penalty is high. This is an epic circuit.”

A number of drivers have spoken out against the fear of losing Spa from the calendar with Max Verstappen recently calling on F1 bosses to make the right call. “I don’t want to see myself in 2028 or whatever driving only on street circuits close to the city just for the fan engagement or whatever,” he said.

“Because you need these kind of iconic tracks on the calendar. Of course I understand everyone wants to make money, but there is also a limit to that because it’s important to keep these really cool circuits on the calendar instead of just driving on street circuits, which I think F1 cars are not designed for anyway.”


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