FIA announce Lewis Hamilton’s car was investigated for three things as new document issued

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LEWIS HAMILTON has been unable to challenge for wins this season as Mercedes struggle to match the pace of Ferrari and Red Bull.

Mercedes: What’s gone wrong at the F1 and can they recover?

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Lewis Hamilton’s car has been investigated by the FIA with some of the Mercedes key components thoroughly checked. Hamilton’s car was selected for an “extensive physical inspection” after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

The checks included a detailed look at the car’s steering wheel, the Mercedes’ internal electronics and its wiring looms. However, the FIA revealed Hamilton’s car was legal and followed all the rules.

The assessments came after the Hungarian Grand Prix earlier this month but the FIA has only just announced that the checks took place. It came after a Technical Delegate report was published by Jo Bauer this morning.

The report said: “After the race of the Hungarian GP, car number 44 was randomly chosen among the top ten cars for more extensive physical inspections. Subject to these physical inspections was the steering wheel with internal electronics, connected wiring looms and software.

“All inspected components were found to be in compliance with the 2022 Formula One Technical Regulations.”

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FIA announce Lewis Hamilton's car was investigated for three things as new document issued

Lewis Hamilton’s car has been checked by the FIA (Image: Getty)

Hamilton was also the subject of an extensive physical inspection at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Just like in Budapest, Hamilton’s car was also found to be compliant back in Jeddah.

The thorough checks are part of a new crackdown from the FIA to ensure cars are following the guidelines. All cars go through a post-race check as always but this year the FIA is conducting a thorough test on one car per race.

The only criteria for assessment are that the car finishes the race inside the top 10. It comes after Hamilton has enjoyed a resurgence in form since the Canadian Grand Prix.

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FIA announce Lewis Hamilton's car was investigated for three things as new document issued

The FIA checked several things on Hamilton’s Mercedes (Image: Getty)

The seven-time champion has now picked up five consecutive podium finishes including back-to-back P2 results in France and Hungary. Mercedes team-mate George Russell also secured two P3’s in Paul Ricard and Budapest as the Silver Arrows moved closer to the pacesetters.

Despite the recent momentum switch, team principal Toto Wolff has set his drivers a new goal for the second part of the campaign. He explained: “We were strong on the Sundays but never quite there in qualifying and the gap was simply too large.

“Now it’s about trying to understand what it is and in the second half of the season hopefully increase our qualifying pace and then be able to race for victories.”


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