Red Bull chief Marko takes aim at FIA over ‘significant expansion’ of financial department

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RED BULL chief Helmut Marko is concerned about the impact of the FIA’s financial rule change.

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Red Bull chief Helmut Marko has hit out at the FIA after imposed F1 budget caps have seen “significant expansions” of financial departments and meant accountants are playing a more critical role within the sport. The Austrian expressed his concerns that F1 could “degenerate into an accountants’ championship.”

A budget cap introduced last year has subsequently resulted in an increased influence of financiers within F1. Changes to spending limits have forced teams to be more vigilant with regards to expenditure while also ensuring they have qualified staff in place to monitor finances and ensure regulations aren’t breached.

F1 teams are now limited to a maximum spend of a mere £118million ($140m) in order to cover most outgoings, although this was recently tweaked to fall in line with soaring inflation. However, Marko has taken aim at the FIA over the regulation updates, insisting he harbours concerns the sport could descend into “an accountants’ championship” as a result of the new rules, while detailing the drastic changes Red Bull have been forced to make to their financial department in particular.

“The finance department has been expanded significantly,” the 79-year-old told “In the past, the technicians only had to register how much they needed, and if they were outside of the business plan you had to somehow coordinate this with Red Bull in Salzburg.

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Red Bull chief Marko takes aim at FIA over 'significant expansion' of financial department

Red Bull chief Helmut Marko has taken aim at the FIA over their decision to impose F1 budget caps (Image: GETTY)

“Now it’s the case that the cooperation with the financiers determines the updates and also that of the scale of the updates. But it’s not the case that the financier says from then on there can be no more updates.

“We in the team management look at it and say we still need an update. Then that has to be saved somewhere else. It’s a process where the FIA learns, where we learn. I hope it doesn’t degenerate into an accountants’ championship.”

Red Bull chief Marko takes aim at FIA over 'significant expansion' of financial department

Marko detailed the impact the new financial regulations have had on Red Bull as a team (Image: GETTY)

Helmut also admitted the imposed budget cap has forced Red Bull to re-think the structure of their staffing and re-allocate members of the team across their organisation. The new restrictions have meant they can only afford to have so many personnel working in the F1 branch of the company.

He added: “We have cut people at Red Bull Racing but we still have Red Bull Technologies. The people will then be moved and given other tasks. We have the hypercar, also the America’s Cup. There are some projects where we are accommodating staff – something you don’t want to lose.”


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