Sebastian Vettel set to retire from F1 with ‘shadow’ hanging over career

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SEBASTIAN VETTEL has announced his retirement from F1 at the end of the season.

Sebastian Vettel to retire from F1 at end of season

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Sebastian Vettel will retire from F1 with a “shadow” over his career after never winning the title with Ferrari, according to ex-Arrows F1 driver Marc Surer. He warns Vettel will be remembered as a driver who “couldn’t make it anymore” after success with Red Bull.

Vettel came within just 46 points of beating Hamilton to the crown in 2017 and challenged again a year later. The German held the championship lead at various stages throughout the opening part of 2018 but he ultimately dropped away after crashing at the German Grand Prix.

Speaking to, Surer said: “Of course, it’s a shame that he only won titles with Red Bull. It would have been nice if he had won another title with Ferrari, because that’s a bit of a shadow.

“Now you just say: Ok, that was just a good phase of Red Bull and he dusted everything off and then he couldn’t make it anymore. It’s kind of a shame.” Vettel was Ferrari’s third-most successful driver in terms of race victories.

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Sebastian Vettel set to retire from F1 with 'shadow' hanging over career

Sebastian Vettel will retire with a ‘shadow’, warns Surer (Image: Getty)

But, when leaving the Prancing Horse, Vettel claimed he took no comfort from the statistics as he admitted he had “failed” in achieving the goal he set for the team. He commented: “We had the ambition and target to win the championship, and we didn’t. I think it’s just an honest reflection. I don’t think saying it out loud changes anything.

“We were up against a very strong team-driver combination, but our goal was to be stronger than that and in that regard we failed.” However, Surer still praises Vettel for being one of just a few drivers on the grid who could win against the odds.

He says it’s this skill that means the four-time champion was still one of the “really big” drivers in F1 history.

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Sebastian Vettel set to retire from F1 with 'shadow' hanging over career

Sebastian Vettel failed to win the title with Ferrari (Image: Getty)

Surer explained: “I mean, he really did something sensational. He also won races that you shouldn’t actually win. For me, that’s always the difference between a super driver and a good driver. If you don’t have the fastest car and still win the race, only very, very few can do that and Sebastian Vettel is one of them. That’s why I classify him as one of the really big ones.”

Vettel announced his decision to leave F1 was to spend more time with his family and children. The multiple champion has struggled to compete with the frontrunners since moving to Aston Martin last season.


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