Christian Horner hits out at Mercedes again in fresh rant over F1 rule changes

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CHRISTIAN HORNER has taken another shot at Mercedes.

Chris Evans makes on-air request to Christian Horner

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Christian Horner has taken aim at Mercedes again after the Silver Arrows called for changes to floor regulations. Red Bull have adapted well to the new rules that were implemented for the 2022 season and they sit top of the Constructors’ Championship by 82 points.

However, Mercedes have really struggled with porpoising and Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are yet to win a race. Hamilton has complained of back pain because his car constantly bounces when the track is not smooth.

Mercedes could raise their floor further off the ground to solve the issue, but that had a seriously detrimental effect on speed. Toto Wolff is pushing for another solution; a change in the rules, which Horner is not having.

“Changing rules because a couple of teams haven’t managed to hit targets is never the right thing to do,” he told Eurosport. “If you want to have convergence in F1, the best thing to do is to leave it alone. Then all the teams will converge.

“What you would see next year, if the rules were left completely alone, I’d be surprised if you saw any bouncing because we’ve got some of the brightest engineers in the technical world solving these problems.

Christian Horner hits out at Mercedes again in fresh rant over F1 rule changes

Christian Horner has taken aim at Mercedes (Image: GETTY)

“These regulations are the biggest change we’ve had in 40 years. You can already see in recent races there’s not been any sign of some of the bouncing from earlier in the year.”

Meanwhile, Wolff has accused rival teams of breaking regulations by having a ‘flexi-floor’. He said: “Some [teams] have said that it [a flexi-floor] doesn’t exist.

“As a matter of fact, some teams have skids that actually disappear when the car hits the bottom.

“The reason for skids is that they are the limitation of how much plank wear you can have, and if a skid can disappear miraculously into the floor, that is clearly against the regulations.”

Ferrari have been Red Bull’s closest challengers this year with Charles Leclerc 63 points behind Verstappen in the Drivers’ Championship.

However, the Monegasque ace has crashed while leading three races, leaving him with a big ask for the remainder of the campaign. 


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