Daniel Ricciardo calls McLaren’s Lando Norris a ‘sh**head’ four times in awkward gaffe

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DANIEL RICCIARDO secured points for McLaren after starting outside the top 10 at the French Grand Prix.

F1 preview: A lap of the French Grand Prix

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Daniel Ricciardo accidentally called McLaren team-mate Lando Norris a “s***head and an *a***hole” four times after making a major mistake after the French Grand Prix. The Australian star was speaking Italian to a TV reporter after McLaren picked up their fourth double points finish of the season.

While talking about Norris’ race, Ricciardo repeatedly called the British star a “stronzo”. He said: “Lando, Il stronzo”.

Translated to English, the word simply translates to “s***head” or a**hole”. Moments later the Italian TV reporter told Ricciardo his mistake which shocked the 33-year-old.

Looking shocked, Ricciardo said: “Is it not a good word? The reporter replied: “No.”

Ricciardo added back: “Okay. Scusa.” The reporter continued: “It is a bad word, more bad than good.”

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Daniel Ricciardo calls McLaren's Lando Norris a 'sh**head' four times in awkward gaffe

Daniel Ricciardo looked shocked after making the mistake (Image: TV8)

The Australian appeared to laugh off the incident with Norris walking up to him seconds later. It appeared Ricciardo wanted to praise his team-mate after the team’s upgrades gave them a considerable boost this weekend.

The result helps them close the gap to Alpine to within just four points ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix. After the race, Ricciardo continued making jokes when asked if he was in an Alpine sandwich after battling with the French squad all afternoon.

He commented: “Yeah, I do think they were quicker today. I would probably call it an Alpine baguette if we’re being geographically correct.” It comes just weeks after another public gaffe between the McLaren pair.

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Daniel Ricciardo calls McLaren's Lando Norris a 'sh**head' four times in awkward gaffe

It comes just weeks after Ricciardo hit Norris with a space hopper (Image: Sky Sports F1)

During a space hopper race at the British Grand Prix, Ricciardo chucked the inflatable into Norris’ face. The British star said he “couldn’t see” after the incident as the crowd gasped in shock.

After the incident, Ricciardo commented: “You know when you do something and you realise you probably shouldn’t have done it. It was too late.” After the French Grand Prix, Ricciardo revealed he did not have the pace to keep up with team-mate Norris which did not “make him happy”.

The McLaren driver explained: “I had a bit of pace early in the stint and tried to get more out of it, but then it fell away a little too quickly so I definitely struggled from mid-stint onwards and didn’t have the pace to run with the Alpines and Lando. I felt like I did the best that I could – but it’s not enough to make me happy.

“Thanks again to everyone for the hard work in getting the upgrades to track this weekend and we’ll push to get more out of them over the next few races. Double-points but we’ll keep working.”


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