Mick Schumacher offered advice on ‘only downside’ after ‘beautiful’ Lewis Hamilton battle

JACQUES VILLENEUVE has offered advice to Mick Schumacher after the Austrian Grand Prix.

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Jacques Villeneuve has warned Mick Schumacher he must change his driving style after making errors at the Austrian Grand Prix. The Canadian F1 champion warned Schumacher that he “squeezes” other drivers off the track too much.

However, Villeneuve has admitted that this was the young German’s “only downside” after a great performance over the past few races. Schumacher starred in Spielberg after an excellent battle with Lewis Hamilton in Saturday’s sprint race.

He kept the seven-time champion at bay for several laps and enjoyed a clean side-by-side duel before the Briton eventually got through. Villeneuve said: “He has definitely progressed as a driver. I also criticised him: he crashed a lot and forced, but it’s really getting better.

“His fight with Hamilton on Saturday was beautiful. But as soon as he passes someone, he squeezes the other too much off the track. Yesterday he did that a few times, including with Fernando Alonso.

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Mick Schumacher offered advice on 'only downside' after 'beautiful' Lewis Hamilton battle

Mick Schumacher has been given advice by Jacques Villeneuve (Image: Getty)

“He has to be more careful, it’s the only downside because his speed in the last races is good.” Schumacher scored his second points finish in as many races on Sunday in Austria as Haas’ good form continues.

The 23-year-old picked up his best-ever F1 result with sixth and was promptly voted Driver of the Day. Schumacher believes that battling with Hamilton in Austria will help him become a better driver.

He said it has taught him “everybody makes mistakes” and means he will be less scared of battling with F1’s big stars in future races.

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Mick Schumacher offered advice on 'only downside' after 'beautiful' Lewis Hamilton battle

Mick Schumacher enjoyed battles with Lewis Hamilton in Austria (Image: Getty)

Schumacher explained: “The main thing that I learned is everybody is human and everybody makes mistakes. Everybody is under pressure… sometimes it gets to a point where they do make mistakes.

“So that’s important for me to know that, and not be afraid of fighting anybody out there.” Team principal Guenther Steiner has been critical of Schumacher’s performances this season but has praised his recent efforts.

He commented: “In Canada he just seemed to be a lot more relaxed about everything and that comes from putting less pressure on himself which helped having these results. I’m 100 per cent sure about this. I saw a change in Canada where he seemed to be more relaxed about everything but hopefully now with having scored twice in a row and finishing sixth gives us more points because we desperately need them to get to sixth.”


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