Lando Norris caught swearing at his own steering wheel mid-race in hilarious F1 footage

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LANDO NORRIS struggled to seventh after a difficult weekend at the Austrian Grand Prix for McLaren.

F1 preview: A lap of the Austrian Grand Prix

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Lando Norris was caught swearing at his steering wheel as the McLaren driver got frustrated during the Austrian Grand Prix. Norris stuck his middle finger up as he struggled to straighten the car on the exit of the difficult turn three as he chased down a Haas.

The footage was taken from Norris’ onboard helmet camera on lap 35 of Sunday’s race. Fans were quick to comment on what Norris could be angry at, with one suggesting the move may have been a reaction to not getting use of the DRS down the back straight.

One YouTube user said: “It’s directed at his wheel likely because he didn’t get DRS.” However, others believed Norris was simply angry at his open driving style after losing control on the exit of the corner.

Another user said: “Early throttle, should wait more until the straight line. He ruined his car bottom.” A third added: “I don’t blame him. I hate Spielberg T3 too.”

Norris was also handed a five-second penalty for track limits around the same time the clip was recorded.

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Lando Norris caught swearing at his own steering wheel mid-race in hilarious F1 footage

Lando Norris stuck his middle finger up at his steering wheel during the race (Image: Getty / F1 TV)script type=”text/javascript” src=”″>

The footage does not play Norris’ team radio but it is possible the gesture was in reaction to being told he would face a penalty. Norris hit back at the FIA after the race, claiming the way they had policed track limits during the race was “stupid”.

He said: “You can’t see the white lines, it’s just guessing and I’m obviously not good enough at guessing. I think when I really had to be I could be, it’s just you’ve got to back off a bit, so it’s more about risk reward in a way. But even sometimes, like I got a warning from turn one and it was just a complete mistake, I lost time, so when you look at it that way, I can say it’s a bit stupid.

“I’ve locked up, I’ve hit the exit kerb, I’ve lost like three or four-tenths. So it’s not like not punishing me for the last corner where you just commit to running off and gaining an advantage.

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Lando Norris caught swearing at his own steering wheel mid-race in hilarious F1 footage

The incident was caught on Norris’ helmet camera (Image: Getty)

“This was just me making mistakes. So I don’t feel like I should be punished for it.” Norris apologised to his team on their radio moments after the chequered flag for costing them a position with the penalty.

Norris’ seventh-place finish is his eighth points finish of the season. But the McLaren star has only secured one podium in 2022, compared to three at this stage last year as the team still struggle to challenge the frontrunners.


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