Lewis Hamilton blasts ‘mind-blowing’ fans who cheered crash at Austrian GP qualifying

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LEWIS HAMILTON has hit out at fans at the Austrian GP.

Lewis Hamilton discusses his experience with race at Formula 1

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Lewis Hamilton has slammed the “mind-blowing” fans that cheered his crash at the Austrian GP. After a heavy shunt at Turn 7, the seven-time world champion was thrown off the track and into the barrier during qualifying on Friday, and while Hamilton was unharmed his car did suffer plenty of damage.

Fans at the course were seen laughing and cheering as footage of Hamilton’s incident was replayed in the arena that is a second-home race for Max Verstappen, and a home race for Red Bull. The 37-year-old however was not impressed and revealed he wasn’t aware of the fans’ reaction when he crashed.

“I didn’t hear them during [the accident],” Hamilton said. “I mean, I was going through a bunch of stuff in the crash. But to hear it afterwards, you know, I don’t agree or condone any of that no matter what.

“A driver could have been in hospital. And you’re going to cheer that? I mean, it’s just mind-blowing that people will do that, just knowing how dangerous our sport is.

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Lewis Hamilton blasts 'mind-blowing' fans who cheered crash at Austrian GP qualifying

Lewis Hamilton spoke about the fans cheering crashes at the Austrian GP. (Image: Sky Sports F1)

“And I’m grateful that I wasn’t in hospital, and I wasn’t heavily injured, but you should never cheer someone’s downfall or someone’s injury or crash. It shouldn’t have happened in Silverstone, even though it wasn’t obviously a crash, and it shouldn’t have happened here.”

Sky Sports F1 pundit Martin Brundle revealed he was “staggered” when he saw the extent of the damage that both Mercedes drivers suffered on Friday, as Hamilton’s team-mate George Russell also crashed on the same day. “I think Mercedes got really unlucky with the amount of damage they got actually,” Brundle said. “Two gearboxes, and Lewis had to have a chassis change. I’m staggered by that. There’s usually a secondary issue to crashes like that. They have to get thrown back together, and sometimes there are then secondary issues.”

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Lewis Hamilton blasts 'mind-blowing' fans who cheered crash at Austrian GP qualifying

Max Verstappen’s Dutch fans were out in numbers at the Austrian GP. (Image: GETTY)

During the Sprint Race Hamilton was involved in an incident with Pierre Gasly, having made contact with both on the first lap and the AlphaTauri driver was sent into a spin. “I just got a bit of wheelspin, and was under attack from the cars around me,” Hamilton told Motorsport.com. “And then Pierre just moved over on me, so I had nowhere to go. I’m just grateful to have finished, and I managed to get one point.”

Dutch fans at the race were warned by David Croft not to cheer for any collisions, the Sky Sports F1 commentator said that kind of behaviour has no place in the sport.

“Do me one favour this afternoon though, give every single driver the biggest cheer as they go past and we will have none of this cheering when people crash,” Croft told fans. “We don’t like that do we? We don’t like that. We don’t want to do that at any track throughout the season.”


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