Max Verstappen defends angry team radio meltdowns ahead of Austrian GP

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MAX VERSTAPPEN reacted to his team radio meltdowns ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix.

F1 preview: A lap of the Austrian Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen has defended his aggressive team radio meltdowns and claimed they are signs he “cares” about his results and performances. The reigning champion says he only gets aggressive over the team radio when things are “badly executed” from his Red Bull team or when he has suffered a problem. 

Verstappen insisted that the meltdowns do not “influence his performance” on track but stressed a calmer garage was often vital to success. His reaction came after Sky Sports’ David Croft asked Verstappen if he had considered working with a psychologist to keep him more level-headed when in the car.

This follows news that Helmut Marko has hired a psychologist for Alpha Tauri star Yuki Tsunoda to help with his temper. The Dutchman responded: “No I didn’t work with anyone but of course over the years you look back on what you could do better right. 

“I don’t think it helps the team if you come in really upset in a practice session or whatever because then everyone starts to be a bit nervous and I think that doesn’t help the overall performance. Still I sometimes get upset on the radio, I don’t think it influences my performance, it’s more about if things don’t go well. If things are badly executed or I have a problem.

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Max Verstappen defends angry team radio meltdowns ahead of Austrian GP

Max Verstappen has defended his team radio meltdowns (Image: Getty)

“I think if the day comes that I’m not going to be upset about these things anymore then I’m not interested in the sport anymore. For me it’s also because I care about my result and I care about what I’m delivering or performing at the weekend that I sometimes get upset about these things. 

“But it’s not influencing my performance during the race. But of course the way you work throughout the weekend you try and be as calm as you can. Some people are a bit more calm, some people are a bit more explosive.”

Verstappen has hit back at his team on multiple occasions this season. At the opening race in Bahrain, the Red Bull star claimed he would “never, ever” take it easy on an out lap again after losing out on taking the lead. 

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Max Verstappen defends angry team radio meltdowns ahead of Austrian GP

Max Verstappen has sent several angry messages over team radio this season (Image: Getty)

He also appear disgruntled after being forced out from two of the opening three races due to mechanical issues. The Dutchman swiped back again in Spain after his DRS failed in the opening stages. 

He shouted: “You can’t even make a f***** DRS! That’s because I ****** have to press that button fifty times!” Earlier this season, team principal Christian Horner has claimed Verstappen’s road rage was “understandable”.

However, former Channel 4 F1 commentator Ben Edwards said Verstappen’s manner on the radio was “disappointing”.

Speaking to Express Sport, Edwards reflected: “Yes I do find it a little bit surprising, that he’s still like that on the radio. I do think he’s maturing hugely and watching his driving style, he’s a world champion, he’s maturing all the time.”


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