Could the FIA exclude Hamilton from the British GP?

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The moratorium on him removing his jewellery ends on Thursday

Could the FIA exclude Hamilton from the British GP?

After a complicated week that saw him involved in a racial incident with Nelson Piquet, it looks as though Lewis Hamilton has something else to think about ahead of the British GP.

That’s because the moratorium the FIA gave the seven-time World Champion to remove his jewellery while racing comes to an end on Thursday.

Prior to the start of the season, the race directors made it clear that the wearing of jewellery would be considered a breach of the International Sporting Code.

Hamilton responded that he can’t remove some of his piercings. “There’s stuff that I can’t remove. I literally can’t even take these out,” he told reporters.

“These ones on my right ear, they’re literally welded in so I would have to get [them] chopped off, or something like that. They’ll be staying.”

Now, the Daily Mail are wondering whether the FIA will prevent Hamilton from running in his home race over the matter.

“In the most extreme circumstances, Hamilton could be barred from competing at his home race for taking to the track in jewellery – a move that would test the ire of 140,000 fans due at Silverstone on Sunday,” wrote the publication.


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