The F1 British GP ratings: A 10/10 for Carlos Sainz

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Won his first ever race

The F1 British GP ratings: A 10/10 for Carlos Sainz

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Carlos Sainz won his first ever Grand Prix on Saturday, excelling in the exam that the Formula 1 drivers had to undertake at the Silverstone Circuit.

However, others failed to shine in British Grand Prix, one which was marked by the horrible collision between George Russell and Zhou Guanyu.

The F1 British GP ratings: A 10/10 for Carlos Sainz

Sainz on winning British GP: One of the happiest days of my life

10. Carlos Sainz

It was a great weekend for Sainz. He took advantage of an almost perfect last lap in qualifying to get pole position. Very aggressive in the second start after the red flag, he defended his lead well, showing character and personality when the safety car turned off the lights. Right then and there he won the race at Silverstone.

9. The FIA

The HALO system once again performed a miracle. A collision between Russell and Zhou saw the Alfa Romeo driver fly off the track before crashing against the tyre wall. Had it not been for HALO, we might have been talking about a disaster.

8. Checo Perez

He was deservedly voted driver of the day. The Mexican had a collision on the first lap that damaged his front wing. He had to pit and dropped to almost the last position. There he started his comeback, demonstrating his great overtaking skills. He finished second after a great battle with Lewis Hamilton in the final laps, when the safety car left the track.

7. Ferrari

Managing two winning drivers is no easy task. Carlos was asked to let Charles Leclerc pass. When the safety car came out, they gave priority to Sainz. Leclerc didn’t approve, but the decision was made. The important thing was the team’s points above everything else. Good strategy, quick pit stop to change to the softer tyres and a more than important victory for them. Well done to the Maranello team.

The F1 British GP ratings: A 10/10 for Carlos Sainz

6. Haas

Both Haas drivers grabbed points in this Grand Prix. Eighth place for Mick Schumacher and 10th for Kevin Magnussen. Hugs and kisses in the team box. It’s practically a victory for them.

5. Leclerc

You have to know how to win, but you also have to know how to lose. It was Sainz‘s day, but Leclerc doesn’t seem to have approved of Ferrari‘s decision to change the tyres of the Spaniard and not for him when the safety car appeared on track. And his car was not faster because he had a mishap in the first corners. Team principal Mattia Binotto must not have liked the driver’s attitude either and had a conversation with him after the race. Leclerc finished fourth and managed 12 points when he had the perfect opportunity to narrow the gap from Max Verstappen.

4. Esteban Ocon

It was not his weekend. Nothing at all worked out for him. In the first start, a punctured tyre due to a race incident seemed to have brought his race to a conclusion. He managed to get to the pits and to get out after the red flag. With the soft tyres, he tried to bounce back, but with 12 laps to go, his car stalled in the middle of the track. However, in Spain they are very happy because the safety car helped Sainz to win.

3. Verstappen

He was faster than the Ferraris at the start of the race. But, losing a piece of the car at turn five ruined his race.The championship leader fought back as best he could. In the end, it wasn’t so bad either. He finished seventh and Leclerc didn’t manage to narrow the gap as much as he expected.

2. Alphatauri

It wasn’t the Alphatauri drivers’ day either. Pierre Gasly had to retire and Yuki Tsunoda crossed the finish line last. A Grand Prix to forget for the team because of a mistake when they had managed to climb positions and to catch up with Fernando Alonso.

1. Ricciardo

It was not his weekend either. He was outclassed by Norris, who finished sixth in the race. He has not shined in any of the races. He did not get points, nor was he expected to. It seems that he is still not used to the McLaren.

0. Russell

Russell‘s first race for Mercedes at home ended with no points. Plus, he was the one who crashed into Zhou causing the biggest scare of the year. It was not his fault. It was even touching to see him running towards the Chinese driver’s Alfa Romeo after the accident. It was not his day, which allowed Hamilton to narrow the gap in the drivers’ standings.


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